Trusted ID Identity Theft Protection Review

Receive free credit score and free trialTrustedID provides customers with high-quality privacy, security, and credit monitoring services that are designed to protect against credit and identity theft for families or businesses. Through its innovative services, members can stay one step ahead of thieves and prevent identity theft in the first place. TrustedID services have been recognized as the best-in-class by Javelin Strategy and Research’s 2010 Annual Identity Protection Services. Read on to learn more about the advanced features that have made TrustedID the most comprehensive credit protection provider available on the market.

Absolute Credit Protection

TrustedID offers customers proactive identity protection services that help safeguard from identity theft unlike any other. With daily monitoring of all credit reports from the three major credit bureaus, the service is able to alert customers when there are significant changes and red flags. It also gives customers the opportunity to instantly access credit reports and scores from the three bureaus online at all times. The IDEssentials enhanced identity theft service provides over fifteen different points for proactive protection of personal information, ranging from credit card transactions to Facebook profiles. In addition, the CreditLock features ensure that the credit reports are not available to any third parties without explicit consent by the customers.

Accurate Identity Threat Scores

The identity monitoring services provided by TrustedID also provide customers with a unique chance to receive a personal measure of their risk for identity theft. The score is an easy way to understand the amount of risk an individual is for becoming prey to identity thieves. The service searches through millions of various records to discover combinations of personal information that could help identity thieves piece information together for theft. The Identity Threat Score gauges the risk as low, moderate, or high, depending on the kind, source, and quantity of information that could be found. Along with the report, customers will receive recommendations for the best course of action to reduce the risk.


Trusted Recovery and Support

Although TrustedID offers some of the best identity theft protection, the company understands that stolen identities can still occur. When customers become victims of identity theft, TrustedID will provide $1 million assistance in order to help cover the costs of reclaiming their identity, including restoration fees, lost wages, legal defense, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Plus, customers have 24/7 access to on-call fraud specialists that can answer all questions via telephone or email. In the unlikely event that identity theft does happen, members are backed and supported by a strong team of professionals.


Customers that are interested in giving TrustedID a try, the service offers a risk-free 14 day trial period for new clients. After deciding to sign up for TrustedID, individual plans start at $10.42 and family plans with more comprehensive coverage start at $20 each month. With its advanced total vigilance, customers benefit from enhanced safeguards for peace of mind at this reasonable monthly expense. It is highly recommended that those interested in a thorough identity protection service consider using TrustedID, as it is the leading solution for identity theft.