Top Five Business Credit Cards

business credit cardsBusiness people today are looking for ways to become more efficient and handle the hurdles of the business world. Having a good business credit card can be a major help in this. Whether it’s paying for certain costs at a low interest rate or piling up rewards to add to the business’s coffers, choosing a good business credit cards can help achieve their goals. Here are the top five business credit cards on the market today.

1. Chase Ink Cash Credit Card

For businesses that want to add money directly to their bottom line, few cards can beat this entry from chase. The card offers $100 in cash back after the cardholder makes the first purchase. There’s another $150 in rewards coming when a cardholder makes $5,000 worth of purchases over a three-month span. If you are spending at an even average level for a business, you’ll have $250 just for holding the card. This card also features the following valuable features to make life a little bit easier on cardholders:

  • No annual fee
  • Five-percent cash back on the first $25,000 spent at office supply stores and on phone services
  • Two-percent cash back on gas purchases
  • One-percent cash back on all purchases

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2. Capital One Spark Cash Credit Card

The top reason why business owners will like this card is the two-percent cash back on every purchase. This can really add up over time, especially for those people who make regular purchases with their card. There is also a $100 cash bonus when you spend a $1,000 during the first three months of holding the card. Some cardholders wonder what to do about the $59 annual fee. This is waived for the first year, though, and if you plan to use the card enough, you will more than pay for it with your cash back. Many industry experts agree that this card is worth the expense. Additional Business Credit Cards HERE

3. Starwood Preferred Guest Card

This card comes from American Express, and it’s designed to provide business clients with precisely what they need. It’s an excellent card for those people who do a lot of business traveling. When you use the card, you earn immediate star points that can be used for free stays at Starwood properties. The first purchase on your card earns 10,000 points, and you can earn additional points as you pile up usage.

In addition, having this card automatically enrolls you in the American Express OPEN savings plan. This is a plan that offers significant discounts on a host of different things, including car rentals, FedEx fees, and office supplies. Perhaps more importantly, this card is known for its low effective interest rate compared to other options on the market. Additional Business Credit Cards HERE

4. Citi Platinum AAdvantage Card

This is a card that’s great for those people who fly. If you spend $3,000 on your card within three months, you will receive 50,000 airline miles from American Airlines. This can help you fly across the country a couple of times for free. Likewise, the $95 annual fee is often paid for by miles reimbursements that Citi pays out each year. If you’re planning on using a business card a lot and you have a business that demands travel, this card can make your life much easier.

Though the fee is somewhat cumbersome, this card comes with a low effective rate for qualified members. Those with good credit can secure rates as low as six-percent in some cases. Additional Business Credit Cards HERE

5. Gold Delta Skymiles Credit Card

Similar to the American Airlines version, this card offers enough points for one free round-trip domestic flight as long as you spend $500 within the first three months. Though there is a $95 annual fee, it is waived for the first year, and the rewards will pay for this card if you happen to use it enough. This card is really great for those in and around the Atlanta area, as you will be able to use your rewards miles to fly across the country to conduct business. Additional Business Credit Cards HERE

Though this card comes with a slightly higher interest rate and its rewards program is limited to air fare, your business can grow when you use it enough.