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5 credit issues that won’t damage your credit score


Depleting your banking account and losing your employment will not immediately change your credit score for the worse. Neither will not paying your rent. Actually, you might be in jail facing homicide charges, but providing your debts  were paid on moment,

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  • 15th Jul, 2013

Regain Your Financial Freedom.

Nearly all of us have faced some type of financial struggles in our lives.  Some of us may be students, struggling to get through school while on a budget.  Or single parents who are trying to pay the bills and

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  • 6th Jun, 2013

How to Fix Bad Credit Fast Myths

credit fix card

People have less than perfect credit for any number of reasons. Bad credit may be the result of circumstances beyond the individual’s control. For example, a divorce will often cause the credit ratings of both parties to decline. Medical bills

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  • 6th May, 2013

Are Consolidated Loans for Bad Credit a Good Plan?

hand reaching debt consolidation

A good credit rating simplifies life and qualifies the individual for optimal interest rates, better car loans and the best credit card deals. On a 30 year mortgage, a good credit score can save you as much as $40,000 to

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  • 28th Mar, 2013