Identity Lookout Credit Monitoring Review

Identity Lookout Services

Identity Lookout ServicesWith identity theft becoming such a fast rising crime, it comes as no surprise that identity theft monitoring services are also quickly rising. It is important to keep tabs on one’s credit, but with so many programs available, choosing a company can be daunting. We will review one of these services, Identity Lookout and touch on the basics of their services, as well as some of the pros and cons of the company.

The Cost

Identity Lookout credit monitoring service charges a fee of $12.95 per month. If you would like to try the service before committing, there is a 7 day trial for only $1.00. Of course, you can cancel the service before the trial is over to avoid a monthly charge if you do not plan to keep it. Identity Lookout provides daily monitoring of your credit report at all three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and Transunion. You will have access to view your Experian credit report. This program also provides a basic identity theft protection. In the event of fraudulent activity, you will be provided fraud resolution assistance. Clients also have the option of up to one million dollars in identity theft insurance under this program. In addition, Identity Lookout will perform constant internet scans of their client’s social security numbers and credit cards for any types of misuse.

Credit monitoring & more

Some of the most appealing aspects of Identity Lookout’s service include the opportunity to have things not included on your credit report monitored. Clients can add their ATM cards, check cards, debit cards and even their children’s social security numbers to their account for routine scanning. Identity Lookout also provides customers with an immediate e-mail alert of any type of possible identity theft activity. Catching and stopping fraudulent activity quickly is imperative and these e-mail alerts can help do just that.


The main con of Identity Lookout’s service is they do not show their clients their credit scores. Credit scores are an easy and quick way for individuals to see how they rank in the world of credit. It would be helpful for a client to be able to see exactly where they stand before applying for a mortgage, car loan or even a credit card. Thoroughly reviewing one’s credit report is necessary, but time consuming. The option to quickly check your score regularly would be a wonderful perk to this service.


Identity Lookout is a decent option when choosing a credit monitoring service. They will help you stay ahead of identity theft. However, it is important to determine if the negative aspects of their program are outweighed by the positive aspects. A 7 day trial would be a good way to determine if their service will fit your needs.