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Debt Consolidation and Its Impact On Your Credit Score

Various forms of debt consolidation exist in the industry but the concept is all the same where you merge all your multiple debt payments into a single debt. If handled correctly, it can help you achieve financial freedom by relieving

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  • 27th Apr, 2013

Are Consolidated Loans for Bad Credit a Good Plan?

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A good credit rating simplifies life and qualifies the individual for optimal interest rates, better car loans and the best credit card deals. On a 30 year mortgage, a good credit score can save you as much as $40,000 to

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  • 28th Mar, 2013

Finding Reputable Debt Consolidation Companies


Debt consolidation companies provide a service to help debtors get a handle on their debt. A reputable debt consolidation company can negotiate with creditors to get reductions in payments, interest rates and payoff settlements in compromise for the total balance

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  • 15th Mar, 2013