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5 credit issues that won’t damage your credit score


Depleting your banking account and losing your employment will not immediately change your credit score for the worse. Neither will not paying your rent. Actually, you might be in jail facing homicide charges, but providing your debts  were paid on moment,

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  • 15th Jul, 2013

Getting Your Credit Reports & Scores


While you’re cleaning up your debt, order copies of your credit reports, which are free, and your credit scores, which cost about $15, since the information contained in them will directly affect the interest rates you’re offered on credit cards,

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  • 28th Jun, 2013

Insight to the Bureau of Credit Reporting

credit bureaus

Have you ever thought about the credit bureau? Chances are if you have ever applied for credit, your credit rating has crossed your mind. A good credit rating is important for obtaining credit in the future, renting property and even

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  • 28th Feb, 2013

My Free Credit Report and Score Facts

credit score breakdown image

Your credit report and score tell creditors how responsible you are with your finances. A good credit rating shows that you pay your creditors on time and you don’t overextend yourself with credit. A good credit rating will not only

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  • 22nd Feb, 2013

Should You Request Credit Reports Annually or More Frequently?


Simple steps can be taken to avert crises. If you want to safely maintain your car, check your oil percentage and tire pressure. If you want to keep your house from burning down, check your burners and and the oven.

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  • 16th Feb, 2013

Easily Access Your Credit Report Online


Your credit report tracks your payment histories, your credit purchases and other information about your finances. You have the right to access your credit report from the major credit bureaus. By law, you have the right as a consumer to

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  • 13th Feb, 2013

Get a Copy of Your Credit Reports Online


Many people today are concerned about their credit reports, and with good reason. Your credit report is very telling about how you manage your finances and handle the credit that you have been granted. When your credit report reveals that

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  • 6th Feb, 2013

Is the Equifax 3 in 1 Credit Report Right for You?

Each credit bureau offers credit monitoring plans to help you manage your credit and take measures to guard against aggravated identity theft. However, many of these service only offer credit history data for the service that offers the plan. For truly thorough

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  • 4th Feb, 2013

Get a Free Credit Report Online Instantly

instant credit reports

Your credit history can create opportunities for you or it can hamper your options in life. A good credit history will provide you with low interest loans, help you land that perfect job and make sure you pay lower insurance

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  • 30th Jan, 2013