Month: June 2013

Getting Your Credit Reports & Scores


While you’re cleaning up your debt, order copies of your credit reports, which are free, and your credit scores, which cost about $15, since the information contained in them will directly affect the interest rates you’re offered on credit cards,

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  • 28th Jun, 2013

Why You Need to Try Credit Karma for Free Credit Alerts

If you own a T.V. then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Credit Karma, the free service that provides consumers with a credit score on demand as well as free credit monitoring alerts. The credit score is a proprietary score named the

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  • 21st Jun, 2013

Privacy Guard Credit Monitoring Services

Identity theft and credit card fraud are on the rise in recent years. Diligent consumers seek out effective methods of protecting their personal data. Credit monitoring services, such as Privacy Guard, offer affordable monthly subscription plans that include regular reports

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  • 20th Jun, 2013

Online Mortgage Lenders Increasing in Popularity

The internet mortgage market place is becoming increasingly common for consumers studying possibilities and new mortgages and mortgage refinancing. Searching for a mortgage on the internet can not only save you a lot of time, but when you find the

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  • 11th Jun, 2013

Regain Your Financial Freedom.

Nearly all of us have faced some type of financial struggles in our lives.  Some of us may be students, struggling to get through school while on a budget.  Or single parents who are trying to pay the bills and

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  • 6th Jun, 2013