Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards offer cardholders an easy method to accumulate points and miles that can be redeemed for air travel and hotel stays. Travel credit cards have several features that make them ideal options for spending on travel as well as day-to-day spending, including lucrative sign up bonuses, travel perks and opportunities to accumulate points rapidly for spending in select categories.

Sign up bonuses – Most travel credit cards offer sign up bonuses for meeting a minimum spending requirement within a given period after opening up the credit card. Sign up bonuses can range from 30,000 bonus miles to use for airline travel to certificates for free weekend night stays at hotels.

Travel perks – Travel credit cards offer cardholders perks that help simplify travel. Airline-branded credit cards offer cardholders perks such as priority boarding and access to the airlines travel lounge. Hotel-branded credit cards have perks such as elite status and free upgrades.

Category spending – Travel credits cards offer different mileage and point accumulation for spending in different categories. Hotel-branded credit cards give additional points for every $1 of spending at the hotel. Travel credit cards give additional points for spending in restaurants, on transportation, travel or gas stations.

No foreign transaction fees – Most credit cards charge cardholders up to 3% on all transactions completed while in a foreign country. For international travelers, foreign transaction fees can quickly accumulate and increase expenses. While not charging a fee for foreign transactions is somewhat of a rare feature, there are a number of travel credit cards that offer this feature.

Travel credit cards have perks and features that help improve the overall travel experience. Cardholders receive a sign-up bonus for meeting a minimum spending requirement, accumulate points for spending in specific categories, and receive perks that make traveling less strenuous and more enjoyable.