About Us

Credit Flare is a new, free service that gives you information you need to manage your credit score and the facts that are essential to maintaining your credit rating.  Get free credit scores from all three of the major credit reporting bureaus as well as take advantage of the vital resources you need to avoid identity theft, plan for home and auto loan applications, apply for college financial aid and much more.


Your credit rating is based on several factors including your ability to pay your bills on time, the amount of credit debt you have accumulated, the types of credit you have, and how long you have had lines of credit.  All of these factors are taken into consideration when your credit score is calculated.  The lower your debt to income ratio and the better your credit payment history, the higher your credit score.  This equates to a higher potential for you to obtain lower interest based loans and make you a trustworthy borrower.

Conversely, failure to make payments on time will result in a higher likelihood of credit collections, which will be reported to the three credit systems, resulting in a lowering of your credit rating.  Also, having a short credit history and/or maintaining high credit balances on your credit cards can also cause your credit score to be lower than average.  This will make it increasingly more difficult to borrow money at low interest rates and affect your ability to obtain home and auto loans.credit-score-distribution

Credit Flare™ gives you the tools and resources you need to monitor your credit and plan for your credit future by making informed decisions about your credit and find ways to help reduce you monthly credit burden, while increasing your credit score.  Even if you have no credit card currently, you are free to use all of our tools & information at no charge.  Credit Flare™ also reviews many credit card and loan offers to provide you, the consumer with reliable information on the best ways to obtain credit, maintain your credit rating, and even help repair your poor credit if necessary.

We will never sell your personal information without your prior knowledge or consent, and the only offers you will receive from us will be from consensual, opt-in only.  It’s our goal to empower you to control your own credit and we strive to provide you with the tools to you need to do so.